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On the morning of December 26th, 2004 the ocean appeared peaceful, but from deep within its depths, the world was about to witness, what the harmless waves were capable of doing.


Within an instant, wave after wave began to engulf the coasts of Sri Lanka, a small island off the southern coast of India. Along with the waves, possessions, lives, and hope of people were swept up and swallowed by the ocean. As natives of Sri Lanka, Frank (Lal) Perera, his wife Srini Perera and their U.S. born twins Niminde and Jeneeka were shocked to see their small homeland become publicized for such a tragic event. The tsunami not only gave birth to a strong motivation to help, but also to the family’s nonprofit organization, Empowered Community Services (ECS).


ECS focus had begun to materialize in early January 2005. The organization was established to give aid “directly” to the people. We spend several months every year sharing our time and talents in remote villages, restoring livelihood of needy families in rural Sri Lanka and  giving the gift of education. ECS opened an opportunity for the Perera family, to rebuild the lives of those affected by the tsunami on a personal level and hope it will inspire you to do the same.